Equity Mates Media is the #1 finance and investing brand for young Australians. It was created to break the world of investing, from beginning to dividend, to give everyday people the information, confidence, and inspiration to start their own investing journeys. After a successful ‘live show’ in front of 100 listeners, Bryce and Alec (the founders) decided the time was right to create an experience never seen before in Australia that flipped the traditional investing event on its head. The event’s aim was an epic financial format reset.

MB Squared worked hand in hand with the crew from Equity Mates, from a blank canvas (no walls, no doors, no rooms, no chairs, no nothing) to create, build, produce, manage, and deliver FinFest 22. 

Barangaroo’s Cutaway provided the 5400-square-meter blank canvas. The end result was slick, engaging, and intriguing. It pulled you init looked, felt, sounded, and tasted like a summer festival  with multiple stages/ zones, multiple choices, nosh, booze, music. It was an event that made investing look and taste like a pimped-up ice cream sundae served by a dude in a baseball cap. A far cry from the standard two scoops of vanilla served by an old white man in a suit.

The suits were banned at the door, and the faux fur was encouraged – experts and the giants of the investment landscape left their bullshit at home and got real with 1700 attendees, without the corporate wankers speaking.

Five stages. Themed precincts. Bucking bull. Claw machines. Geo domes. DJ line-up. Food trucks. Bars. Fanzones. FinFest.