Show For Franchisees


The challenge was to reinvigorate, refocus, and reimagine an annual sales conference with a supplier trade show for franchisees. With a tired ‘off the shelf’ format that had not changed for nine years, attendee numbers had begun to wane, and those that were in attendance were not engaged and becoming disgruntled that they were not getting any new information to take back and implement into their small businesses.

After conducting a thorough research and evaluation exercise, MB Squared designed a new conference platform that mirrored the true direction of the organisation and its franchisees.

Inspirational speakers, tired MCs, and mandatory workshops were scrapped. The client’s management and successful franchisees became the keynotes, the inspirational speakers and the MCs as this is whom the attendees had taken time out of their businesses to hear from. Key messages and outtakes were captured live by graphic artists in illustration form and then presented the next day to reiterate and provided to all franchisees post conference for their own staff engagement.

Workshops became short, sharp, and to the point sessions, presented by external experts on topical issues that attendees could pick and choose from to build their own 100% relevant conference program, making their selections based on what was affecting their business at that given time.

The final overhaul was the supplier trade show. Being inspired by the best retail experiences globally, the Evolve Lounge was born. No shell scheme, no trade booth partitions, no giveaways and no gimmicks — an open design with custom, transportable and reusable furnishings was created allowing free flowing collaboration with all ‘team members aka exhibitors’ working together as one team (reflected down to all wearing the same shirt) united in their support of the franchisees.