About Us

MB Squared

We help brands create events that push the boundaries 

Do something different

Why Choose Us?

Need creative ideas and solutions that will really wow your audience, your community, your customers or your followers? You’re in the right place.

At MB Squared, we apply years of experience, having worked in-house delivering events for some of the largest organisations in the world.

Don’t underestimate us… we have a fierce determination to make our mark and help you do the same.

No such thing as rinse and repeat

What We Do Best

Taking a strategic but highly creative approach, we establish an amazing working relationship as we develop and flawlessly execute events of all sizes.

‘Original thinking’ is our middle name… the boring, year in, year out approach is not for us.

Let’s start from scratch, mix things up and deliver an event that has people genuinely excited to find out what’s in store next time.

We are genuine and honest. We are that friend with no filter. We will tell you if your concept or format is boring and has been done a million times in exactly the same way, then we will come up with something mind-blowingly better.

Commitment to excellence

Accreditation & Membership

Professional Conference Organisers Association Member

MB Squared is a distinguished member of the Professional Conference Organisers (PCO) Association. As a proud member, we uphold the highest standards of professionalism and excellence in the field of event management and conference organisation.

At MB Squared, we are committed to delivering unparalleled service to our clients, ensuring seamless execution and unforgettable experiences for every event we undertake. With our extensive expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction, we stand out as a trusted partner for all your conference and event needs.

Being a part of the PCO Association further validates our commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends, best practices, and innovation. It allows us to network with fellow professionals, exchange knowledge, and continuously enhance our capabilities to better serve our clients.

Our Team

MB Squared at its core is a crew of three supported by the best freelancers, specialists and ‘get it done’ people. We build for you a handpicked extended team based on exactly what your event needs. We do not retrofit expertise.

MB Squared Events Coordinator
Chleo Adele Rosales
Events Coordinator
MB Squared Event Operations Assistant
Thannia Quis-Quis
Events Operations Assistant